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Happy Women's Month! Salute

International Women’s Day may be over but it’s still National Women’s Month, so Happy National Women’s Month 😊🌷

March is almost coming to an end, have you already taken the time to embrace your womanhood? (If not, you can always make time). I know womanhood is something that must be celebrated everyday, but I just love how this month-long commemoration somehow raises everyone’s awareness on the role we women play in the society. I’m digging the whole “female power” celebration thing, I think it’s great that we’re given this special time to honor our strengths, channel our inner queens and allow ourselves to be acknowledged for the great things (big or small) we’ve done for our friends, our men, our children (for the mothers out there), the environment, and the society.

We’re the architects of the nation, the life-givers, and the light bearers.

We’re the powerful energy behind our men; it’s our love that inspires them to do greater things, our vision that brings their dreams to life, our belief that makes them better, and our mindset that influences their realities and decision making.

We’re the ones who mold and nurture our children who might create chaos or a difference in the world someday.

You see, there’s so much more to us than what we wear, what we have, how we look, or how we’re judged based on the things some people think they “know” about us.

We are powerful and we have to understand this, for it is only through this understanding that we can stretch to our fullest potentials, realize we deserve the best, and use our capabilities wisely.

“You can’t use your power if you believe you don’t have any”

Andi 💖

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