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Our Productive Home Office Setup

Hey there, thanks for checking out the blog. For today’s post, I’ll be showing you around our simple home office. I’ll also be including a few Shopee product links, just in case you happen to be interested in any of the items.

His & Hers Layout

Adequate space to move around in is something that my partner and I both love. With this, we opted for a customized desk made out of concrete (it was his brilliant idea to make it T-shaped, and this office was his gift). It's affordable, efficient, and heavy-duty. The design also allows us to have our L-shaped areas, which we find convenient since it makes everything within reach. Not to mention that the center space in the table is functional as well; it's where we do our weekly planning, have our conversations, and brainstorm for our respective jobs.

Productive home office setup | his & hers | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

I would highly suggest having a T-shaped layout if you plan to put up a shared workstation at home with a family member or a spouse. It's great to have both a personal zone to focus on the tasks at hand, and a shared area for interaction. Plus, with each of you having two separate surfaces, everything is sure to be more organized, as that eliminates the worry of getting things piled up or mixed up in one place.

Desk Setup

Our office arrangements are straightforward; we have personal computers facing the wall to limit distractions, laptops, chairs, and organizers. My hubby’s side is simple and manly, while my area is a bit colorful and feminine. He likes touches of Black, while I enjoy patterns or solid colors. We believe that by keeping our style preferences (instead of sticking with one theme), we welcome more creative inspiration.

Now, let me walk you through my working station (won't show hubby's space to respect his privacy). This couple office is actually a post-Valentine's gift from my husband, which makes it more special. So I hope you like it as well (if you don't, please exit, no bad vibes! haha). Let’s start with the gadgets!

Desk setup | Work from home blog | Home office design ideas | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

The desktop computer was purchased from Lazada for only 3,430 (price may change over time). And it’s definitely a steal considering that it already comes with a keyboard, a CPU, a mouse, and a wi-fi dongle. It may be super basic, but it has everything I need. Setting it up is easy too. On the other side, I have my Lenovo Chromebook, which is the perfect alternative for a laptop if you use Google products. To learn more about this Chromebook, please click here.

Photo: Google Chromebook in White (just covered with a marble laptop sticker) & a Build-it-Yourself Pen Organizer

For typing, I use a mechanical gaming keyboard (Zeus ZK-110) in the color Pink (see photo below). I like how it’s very sturdy and has different light settings which motivate me to work at night even when the lights are off. It also produces therapeutic clicking sounds when you type. With this keyboard is a silent, rechargeable backlit mouse.