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Muji Cafe In BGC Central Square

They have a coffee shop? ...yup they do.

I learned about the cafe when a store attendant approached me while shopping at one of their branches. The lady mentioned that they have an ongoing promo where I can get a discount or a free drink if I collect seven stickers. She then said they recently opened a cafe inside their BGC branch, and that's where I can claim it.

You can find Muji Cafe on the third floor of BGC Central Square. You'll see it as soon as you go up the last escalator.

MUJI Boutique, MUJI Cafe inside BGC Central Square | Muji Cafe Review | Lifestyle Blog Philippines
Their branch in BGC Central Square is too noticeable to ignore

The Vibe | What to expect

The boutique has a chill, minimalist vibe true to Muji’s brand. The seating area in the cafe, however, is small and can only accommodate a few people. If you’re visiting after lunch or during the afternoon, prepare to get your coffee on the go if there are no more chairs. If you’re lucky to catch a table, you can take advantage of the cozy ambiance and unlimited water (a big plus for water lovers like me). The view is Shangri-La The Fort.

Inside MUJI Cafe in BGC Central Square | Review | Coffee Shops in Taguig | Lifestyle Blog Philippines
People lining up for coffee and pastries

The Menu at Muji Cafe | Options, options

Muji offers a wide selection of drinks and pastries, but since we had just finished lunch when we visited the cafe, we only ordered coffee and iced tea. The coffee was more flavorful than expected, while the iced tea was less sugary. As for the rates, I would say it's more reasonable than other cafes with the same setup (but still a bit pricey to think that you can brew delicious coffee at home).

Check out their menu below:

Coffee and Iced Drinks at Muji Cafe | Muji Cafe Menu BGC | Lifestyle Blog Philippines
Iced Peach Tea and Hot Americano | Drinks Menu
Coffee at Muji Cafe | Desserts Menu | Inside Muji Cafe in BGC Central Square | Lifestyle Blog Philippines
Forgot to take a photo of the other side of the menu, but here are some desserts

The Service | Is it good or bad?

It was busy when we arrived, and many customers were making requests when I asked for a cup of milk, yet they happily attended to all of us. I appreciate the staff’s helpfulness. The last time I checked their Facebook page, they were still looking for baristas, so I’m sure the service will improve further once they add more people.

What Else?

  • If you want your java creamy, you can ask for a small cup of milk because they don’t have powdered creamers;

  • Bring a bottle, so you don’t have to purchase it anymore for water refills (the weather is hot outside).

Inside Muji in BGC Central Square | 3rd floor | Muji Cafe, Coffee Shops in Taguig | Lifestyle Blog Philippines
Just one area of the whole boutique. So many good finds

The Verdict | Am I coming back?

If I happen to be in the area, yes, but if not, I’ll most likely grab a coffee from McDonald’s or Burger King. I might come back here for the shopping, though. They have more options here than the branch in Shangri La Plaza.


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