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Satisfy your KBBQ Cravings | Chef Baboy Samgyupsal in Pampanga

Korean culture has long been adopted here in the Philippines. From music and television to fashion and food, we have grown to appreciate their influences. An example of this would be dining at Samgyupsal spots, like the one I'm writing about today.

Chef Baboy Unlimited Premium Barbecue

If you’re visiting Clark Freeport Zone and are looking for a KBBQ restaurant where you can have lunch or dinner, I suggest visiting Chef Baboy. Parking won’t be an issue, the food is delicious, and the price is also reasonable.

Chef Baboy Unlimited Premium Korean BBQ | Clark, Pampanga Samgyupsal Restaurants


Chef Baboy is conveniently located at the SRD Building, close to Clark Museum and 4D Theater. They have ample parking space there, so leaving your car wouldn’t be a problem.

Chef Baboy Address: SRD Bldg. E. Jacinto st. Clark Freeport Zone, Clark, Pampanga

Annyeong Haseyo!

Like other Korean BBQ restaurants, expect cheerful Korean greetings once you enter the restaurant. Chef Baboy has enough staff to accommodate everyone, and each table has its call button for assistance if you want more meat or have other requests.

Delicious premium meats at Chef Baboy in Clark Pampanga | Samgyupsal

What to Expect | How’s the Food?

The food is so good; it reminds me of eating at Sibyullee but with more choices at a better price. The cheese was yummy too. I kept asking for cheese the whole time we ate because it tasted so good on top of hot rice (try it!).

Review of Chef Baboy in Clark Pampanga | Unlimited Korean BBQ

The meats they serve are tender and not chewy. They are also well-presented in tiered trays. I think we ordered eight variants at a time. We tried the plain and marinated slices.

Samgyup in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga Philippines | Unlimited Korean BBQ
Chef Baboy Menu | Clark, Pampanga | Clark Freeport Zone

Price per Person

For ₱579.00, you can feast on premium meats and side dishes. They have plenty of options for both. This rate already comes with a pitcher of iced tea and service water.

Chef Baboy dine in
KBBQ Restaurant in Clark, Pampanga Philippines


  • They have a clean bathroom with tissue, paper towels, hand soap, and alcohol. There’s also a separate sink outside;

  • For desserts, you can stop by one of the many cafes nearby, like Cafe B.O.M. I’ll write about that soon;

  • Enjoy the food!


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