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Stage Fright

While the world truly is a wonderful place to live in, it cannot be denied that the same world can be also harsh, judgmental, and unforgiving at the same time. That's the reason why we keep our guards up, stick to the status quo, or hesitate to go after the things we really want. It's because deep inside, we have these lingering fears debilitating us.

A Quick Little Story

As a young girl, I've always enjoyed singing. It was one of the ways I expressed myself best. But when I was in high school, I realized I wanted to do something else, and that was to sing with my guitar. The challenge was, I was kind of a shy kid, and I wasn't sure if I was good enough as a guitar player, but since I felt the need to do it, I decided to join open mic events.

The first few gigs were embarrassing, and I had some unpleasant moments as well (actually a lot, lol), but generally, the whole experience was great. I also got a lot of invites. With that, I built my confidence with every gig, met a lot of people along the way, and realized how different things would have been if I didn't pick up my guitar. I would have had a lot of regrets. I would have been a different person, but luckily, that's not the case. Thank God I didn't let the fear of performing alone get to me. Franklin Roosevelt once said, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself". If we spend our whole lives in fear of losing or getting hurt, we'll miss out on a lot of beautiful things. Success, love, and happiness are waiting, and they're on the other side of fear.

If you're thinking of pursuing something and are looking for a sign, this is it. For as long as your intentions are good, then I don't see any problem with you going for it. Care to share what's that thing that you've always wanted to do? Feel free to send a message. Hmm, as much as I want to keep going, I don't know what to say anymore (lol). But thanks for checking out the blog and reading this post. I appreciate you being here. Remember: FEAR stands for- False Emotions Appearing Real

I learned that from my dad. He used to always say that to me, my mom, and my sister. That's it for today, see you on the next post. ♥ Andi

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