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Get more for less with Booky

Today my cousin and I spent the whole day eating and studying, and it was fun! We sure saved a lot from using the Booky Prime app. Imagine, for only ₱365.00 each, we were able to visit four establishments (two restaurants and two coffee shops) and fill our tummies with good food, hehe how cool is that?

For our first stop, we went to Seattle's Best to try the Java Chip Javankula for only ₱190.00, and that's for two medium-sized cups already. The deal is Buy 1 Get 1 so if you split the bill that's only ₱95 per person 😋 Next, we went to Kenny Rogers to get quesadillas. We only spent ₱100.00 there, and that's for two full plates. Not bad for merienda! Too bad we weren't able to take photos in Seattle's Best and Kenny Rogers. After that, we decided to get coffee at Krispy Kreme (the one in building A) for some energy. For only ₱129 pesos, we enjoyed two cups of freshly brewed medium-sized coffee and two classic donuts. We were able to study there too since the place was quiet and there were only a few customers during that time. There were also plenty of sockets.

Two girls smiling at Krispy Kreme | Get more for less with Booky | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

Lastly, we headed to Sunnies Cafe for dinner and tried out their Pork Bowl (which I heard was organic). So for that one, we only had to pay ₱280 for two delicious bowls + the service charge which was around ₱30 (estimated), so that's like ₱155 pesos per person. Still not bad!

Now here's a quick rundown of our expenses the whole day (per person): Seattle's Best Javankula- ₱95 Quesadillas- ₱50 Krispy Kreme Classic Donut + Medium-sized coffee- ₱64.50 Sunnies Pork Bowl (inclusive of SC)- ₱155 Total= ₱364.50

Download the Booky Prime app now and make use of the FREE trial! Super sulit, swear. This is not a sponsored post.

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