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Does wisdom come with age?

Certainly not. True wisdom comes from experience, real life experience.

A person can be 16 years of age and be very discerning, while a man can be in his forties and still have a naive view of the world. Age, in my humble opinion, is just a number. I do agree with the cliché. Age doesn’t necessarily determine one’s level of maturity or wisdom. It is through our experiences that we learn to understand things on a deeper level. We gain it by putting ourselves out there and embracing what life has to offer. We realize it by being aware of ourselves, questioning our judgments, learning from the people around us, and adapting to different environments.

It’s not about knowing everything

“A wise man never knows all, only fools know everything”- African Proverb

There will always be something new to learn, and a wise man, no matter how skilled or experienced, knows that. Unlike an irksome know-it-all, a wise person knows when to step back and when to fight. He knows when to speak and how to speak carefully. He helps others instead of making them feel inferior. The wise man sees no need to prove his knowledge or correctness because he understands that “A wise man knows knows nothing”.

It's not about always being right

"A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool". -William Shakespeare Wise men don't proclaim themselves to be righteous, nor do they preach "goodness" in a manner that paints them as such. They stand up for something and do what they believe is right but they don't disregard criticism (they actually appreciate it). Every moment is treated as an opportunity to learn and deepen life experience. All these I've learned (by means of observation) from the wise mentors who've inspired me over the years. You know who you are, thank you :)

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