Top 4 Self-Help Book Picks!

Need motivation? Here are four book suggestions that can help you make the right decisions and unleash your personal power.

Product Review: KEDA Epilator

As women, it's perfectly natural for us to be conscious of our physical appearance, and that includes our body hair. In a hot country like the Philippines, it's inevitable not to wear sleeveless clothes; not only are they stylish, but they're also comfortable and easy to move around in. But of course, for us to comfortably wear our sleeveless tops outside, our pits must be hair-free, I'm sure you don't want your underarm hair sticking out while you raise your hand or move your arm at work or in school. With that, I think that the hair removal process is something that should be easy for us. Before I discovered epilation, I preferred plucking and waxing. Both were affordable ways to get rid o

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