October 1st

According to a staff member, McDonalds Kapitolyo is the second branch in the Philippines to have these machines...

Living Away from Home

When you stay in a dorm complex, you get to interact with a diverse set of people. That means dealing with culturally-different individuals,


Does wisdom come with age? Certainly not. True wisdom comes from experience, real life experience. A person can be 16 years of age and be very discerning, while a man can be in his forties and still have a naive view of the world. Age, in my humble opinion, is just a number. I do agree with the cliché. Age doesn’t necessarily determine one’s level of maturity or wisdom. It is through our experiences that we learn to understand things on a deeper level. We gain it by putting ourselves out there and embracing what lifehas to offer. We realize it by being aware of ourselves, questioning our judgments, learning from the people around us, and adapting to different environments. It’s not about k

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